When one looks at Mario Cortés background and family, it is no surprise that he would be involved in any kind of art.His parents, from very different areas of interests,yet so common, his mother, creative with words and attracted to art, his father, drawn to economics but fascinated about life. His family had a very modest lifestyle, but rich in values and passion to persue dreams. Mario being the youngest brother,always drawn to drew his favorite cartoons, sculpt characters and often seeking for climbing things and looking for adventures, discovered drumms at the xearly age of 5 years old, not until his 11th birthday through the effort of his parents, got his first drumm kit,changing his life.

Mario,known by his musician peers as Anghello, persued his dream of becoming a jazz drummer for a great part of his life, always striving to get better at the craft, with the available resources, and forgetting about art for a long time, thinking about music as a career for a lifetime.

At the same age he adquired his first drum kit, was accidentally introduced by his father to a new brand world, never thought, would have such a big impact on his life later on, that world call, stop motion.

Encouraged by his family to study University in a traditional career to further continue with his music studies as a second profession. A new path appeared, involving arts, Mario’s youngest passion. Studied Engineering in Animation and Digital media at the UVM, having his first contact with sculpture for little time, with Francisco Moyao, son of a renowed Mexican sculptor.

Determined to study music as a second career, unintentionally jazz would led him to learn puppet creation for stop motion and sculpture, amazed by the posibilities of a character, anatomy and shape and it’s mediums, digital and tradional, he immediately focused on learning the craft and refining his digital skills. Landing his first job, a few months after, as a character modeler for animated films.

Enchanted about sculpture as a fine art, looked for a formal and deeper training to become a better artist, studying with the sculptor Neftali Zamora  from 2011 to 2012.Later on,same curiosity would take him, to study anatomy at San francisco with Andrew Cawrse and Mike Murnane, both artist’s of ILM.

In 2013, traveled to a new continent to learn more of what had become his biggest passion, sculpture. Studied at Rome Italy, figurative sculpture with Brian Craig and David Simon. To return and mix the best of both worlds, digital and traditional.

With more than 4 years of experience, he has colaborated in different projects, for animated films, short films, advertising, 3d printing and as educator.


“I  thank to my Mother, Father and Brother for being my role models and for their effort to help me, and always encourge me to persue what I love. Without them, nothing of this could have been possible.”


All works © Mario Cortés 2014.
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Mario Cortés.